Working with Children at GPC

At Grafton Presbyterian Church we value children and are committed to providing for the safety of all children entrusted to our care. 
The process to work with Children
This is what to do......
Step 1.
Application for a NSW Working With Children Check registration.
Select whether you are a paid employee(About $80) or volunteer (free).
Once you have submitted the form, you will receive an application number that looks like this: APP1234567
Step 2.
Next go to RTA in Grafton with the ID you indicated in the form online, e.g. Drivers License.
They will ask for this ID and the APP123456 application number.
They will then give you a receipt and that evening you should have your Working With Children Check via email in the form of an attached pdf letter.
Step 3.
Once you receive the above letter, give a copy of the Working With Children Check pdf letter to Pastor Michael Eleveld.
You must fill out Working with Children Check Registration.
Step 4.
Do Breaking the Silence Course.
You can do the course online here.
Step 5.
Fill out job description form
Step 6.
Plus, SRE Training if you are doing it.
Step 7. 
Yearly training