Information on Baptism

Congratulations on the birth of your child!

Your enquiry concerning the baptism of your child shows that you want the best for this precious new life that God has entrusted to your care. This leaflet is designed to answer some of the questions you might have about baptism and explain what baptism is all about.


So what then is baptism?

Baptism in the Bible is associated with spiritual matters. Baptism is like a sign post. It points to the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross to bring about eternal life for the people who trust and obey him. That is, it is for those people who have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour. The water in baptism reminds us that as water washes away dirt so the death of Jesus washes away the sin of those who trust in him.


The Bible clearly teaches that baptism is only for believers and the children of believers.


The Service. 

At GPC, we have two special types of services which both form part of our regular morning service. It is not possible to have a private baptism.


The first is our baptism service in which you will be asked to make certain promises which are outlined later on in this leaflet. As part of the preparation for baptism, we ask that you complete the course “Christianity Explored”.


The second is a thanksgiving service. In this service, we would give thanks to God for the birth of your child and pray for God’s blessing upon you and your child. You would not be required to make the promises that are involved in the baptism service.


The Baptism Service.

What are the Requirements? 

First and foremost, one or both of the parents are required to state publicly that Jesus is Lord of their life. To assist you in this the elders of the church require you complete a course. This course is conducted over a 6 week period.


Secondly, a parent must be a member of our church or regularly attend and be a member of an elder approved church where they can grow and walk as followers of Jesus Christ and receive the same support and encouragement that they will want for their child.


Thirdly, a parent must promise to bring up their child in the way of Christ, so that the child is encouraged to personally turn to Christ in the future for salvation.


Questions you will be asked in our baptism service.

Q: Who is your Lord and Saviour?

A: Jesus is my Lord and Saviour.


Q: Do you know that it is by God’s grace you are saved through faith in Christ, and not by anything you have done or will do?

A: I do


Q: Do you affirm that you will bring your child to baptism because it is your desire that he/she should become a true follower of Jesus?

A: I do.


Q: Do you realise that baptism does not save your child and that he/she will have to come to faith in Christ for himself/herself?

A: I do.


Q: For this very reason the Lord Jesus has commanded us to teach those who are baptised into His name. Therefore, do you promise to teach the Word of God, the Bible, to your child?

A: I do.


Q: Do you promise to pray for him/her and set him/her a godly example in your actions?

A. I do.


Q. As part of your godly example do you promise to be faithful in your attendance at church?

A: I do 

The Thanksgiving Service.


A thanksgiving service is a service for those who do not feel that they are able to make the promises involved in the baptism service and who want to mark the birth of their child in a significant way.


A thanksgiving service occupies a special segment of our normal service at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.

It is a time when we as a church, give thanks for the birth of your child and pray for God’s blessing upon you and your child.

As a church, we make a commitment to pray for you and your child and support you in whatever way we can.


Please note there is no water or sprinkling of water involved in this service.


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